Yanomami Blood Gold

(Photo: Bruno Kelly/Amazônia Real) By Maria Fernanda Ribeiro, from Amazônia Real The scene does not buzz with activity like the human ant-farms that were the hallmark of mining at Serra Pelada, in Pará. At the Yanomami Indigenous Land in Roraima, illegal mining destroys the Amazon forest in a more scattered, but no less vicious manner. […]

04/07/2021 12:59

We spotted illegal acquisition of the metal in the small shops at Rua do Ouro, which are also found in other areas of the city. Among the customers, there was even an indigenous health agent. The picture shows Joalheria Opalo, a jewelry shop, where an indigenous health agent from Sesai was spotted selling gold (Photo: Bruno Kelly/Amazônia Real)


Experts say the country’s lack of regulation of the gold market is a flowing river of opportunities for dealers and criminals. Aircraft-based mining logistics also attract organized crime to the drug transportation business


With millions in profits, those responsible for the air transport of illegally mined gold take advantage of impunity and lack of inspection; essential cogs in the structure, pilots are close to politicians and are hired by governmental agencies (Photo: Bruno Kelly/Amazônia Real)


The former senator from Roraima was one of the most emblematic defenders of mining in indigenous territories. In the image above Romero Jucá (MDB-RR) on the floor of the Federal Senate (Photo: Jefferson Rudy/Agência Senado/2018)