"He (Bruno) stopped the boat there at the school's port and asked if there was coffee. 'There is no coffee, but there is Nescau', I said. Then he: 'this one is really good'", says Alzenira Gomes, 54 years old. , the wife of Manoel Vitor Sabino da Costa, known as “Churrasco”.

“He said he wanted to help us and that he was upset because he had a meeting in Tabatinga with the Federal Police, and that he was going to call me there at one o'clock in the afternoon. I waited and nothing. As there was no lunch here at home, I went to the river to fish”, recalls the fisherman Jânio, who was arrested as a suspect.

“For all this time he's been missing like that, he's either dead or he's tied up in the woods, he can only,” said “Barbecue”, uncle of "Pelado", who was arrested as a suspect, but released by the Civil Police of the Amazon.

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